December 5, 2011

Tim Tags Day 5

I wasn't sure how this tag would turn out for me but I am really happy with the results and plan to do more. It will make you look at packaging in a whole new light for sure. I like the idea of not tossing all that clamshell packaging into the trash. there were some great ideas shared on the InLinkz gallery (scroll down to the bottom of Tim's daily post). My favorite technique being a windowpane effect. It would be gorgeous with different colored diamonds!

I didn't have the stamp Tim used for the background and chose a combination of the script stamp from the first reflections series and the snowflake stamp used yesterday. If you are in the same pickle I would suggest going through your stamps and testing them out ahead of time as I discuss below. you might even come up with a better combination!

When you cut out your clear tags use your scraps for a couple trial runs. While it is possible to wipe your tag clean using the blender solution, it's much easier to just use that extra alcohol ink on the felt to color a couple 1x2" pieces of scrap acetate. Try out your Archival black stamping and removal on these first. TIP: Tim mentions using a SOFT cloth. This is the time to skip the paper towels and reach for an old t-shirt! as he said blot first, just to remove the shininess of the ink. (it will still be blue/black at this point.) Next lightly buff away the remainder of the black ink. Your red alcohol ink might have a slight smear look to it but it won't show from the front side.

I ended up using a glitter stock for my backing tag instead of glossy cardstock. It gives the transparency added depth and let's the snowflakes twinkle a bit. Love that! A pearl or metallic cardstock might also be nice. I added a NOEL metal block embellishment. (old Making Memories product I had long forgotten! I bet you have some in your stash too.) Under the pearls I used some vintage iridescent sequins to mimic reflectors and irridescent buffalo flake glitter to add the look of snow.
I opted for luminarte to paint the surface of my wreath diecuts. it has a beautiful heavy luster.

I encourage you to give it a try even if this isnt your most favorite tag ( my dh deemed it his MOST favorite though :) ). The effect in person is quite beautiful and you may just find other ways to use it! How amazing would this be in black with cobwebs lifted away?!

Added: One more crazy cool tip I discovered on my own. if while hot gluing your bow in place you get the awful hot glue "threads" sticking to your transparency. you can use a small amount of blending solution on a soft cloth and they wipe right off. even the ones that you smeared in places! ;)


  1. ok love the tips even if I am not the biggest on techniquey stuff. Your tag is fantastic and much improved over the original. I have to also say that the sequins might be my fave part. I have got to get my hands on some of those! of course I love that you added Noel's name :)

  2. Your tag looks fantastic!! I love the way you finished your wreath!!

  3. Heidi - I love this tag, too! Thanks for the extra tips on getting this technique "just right." :)


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