September 21, 2009

Discovering old supplies

I was recently reading about a Stampin' Up! product called Heat and Stick. It dawned on me I had something like it in my stash of embossing powders but had never had success with it (using flocking fibers :( why are those things so hard to use?). Also realized I should have been waiting to let the EP cool before layering on the flock or glitter! HUGE DIFFERENCE!)

So I dug out my Judi Kins Sticky Stuff embossing powder and gave it a shot. I tested it using the Daisy Bucket Mini Flourish stamp. It works fantastic! now I can use even MORE glitter!! :)

check out the video here

I also found that I could get even better coverage by pressing the cooled cardstock *into* a pile of glitter. in the case of these flourishes I stamped (orange on black CS), the coverage wasn't complete until I pressed glitter into the sticky EP. In the video it looked fine though using a light colored glitter on a light colored background.

(*note the extra glitter on the page isn't stuck down, I just hadn't brushed it all off yet when I took the picture!)

September 19, 2009

Photos on the lake

A few of my favorites. I took 118 pictures. whew! no idea which ones Mom is gonna like though. :P we never agree LOL! the Baby has a thing right now with sticking his tongue out in pictures. that's not his upper lip! it's his tongue! :P I guess this is better than his last phase during pictures, which was his mouth hanging open and a blank stare. LOL Someone tell me it gets easier as they get older??!!

September 14, 2009

Farmer's Market by Shabby Green Door

just a quick quirky card for fun!

check out for more ideas.
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