May 7, 2012

Set Sail!

Hope everyone is enjoying the Melody of Life mini collection as much as I have! I have noticed it flying off the shelves online so you must! :) There is probably a bit left out there if you look hard enough. Took me some time to find the perfect project for it. I wanted something I'd hold onto for a while and display in my home since the colors matched so well. If you have family that are musically inclined and need some paper that doesn't pigeonhole you into only using Red/Black/White color combos, check this one out.

I enjoy turning trash to treasure and this project was certainly a good one! My neighbor called me and said she had some things she wanted to get rid of, to come take a look. I found a couple things for our beachy/mermaid bathroom and in the pile of stuff was a (broken) Jim Shore resin sailboat that (I hope I don't offend anyone, LOL) was quite hideous. Really the sail was the most awful green for this sculpture. This photo doesn't even do it justice. It was VIBRANT, but it had "good bones". It sat on my kitchen table for a good week. I almost tossed it twice before this idea came to me. ;)

I'm sure you see where this is going! I decided to cover it with paper! and what fun it was molding and sculpting the boat and sails into a whimsy of life on the high seas. 

So glad I didn't toss it because this is probably one of my favorite projects recently. You are probably wondering what music had to do with sailboats right?? Well I think it is safe to say I was thinking out of the box with this one. (recycled paper mache xmas gift box to be exact.) None the less it works great and the quote ties it all together. The quote from the journal card sheet was cut with a spellbinder's die and safety pinned to the sail over the word "listen". I layered and pop dotted the same word from the sticker sheet onto it.

Thanks for looking!
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