November 29, 2008

Bringin' back the love!

...and it's been a long time coming!! I know I am not the average kit club consumer so finding one I wanted to subscribe to was even more frustrating than most. I designed & helped design kits for years for a fairly popular kit club. It always had great NSBR findings in it that made it be a little out of the ordinary from what you could find in even a *good* LSS. Including a lot of custom made items. It was going to take a lot to impress me. It's been a couple years now I think and I finally found a club. I'm afraid to mention the name because it's new and as I know from watching the club frenzy spread over the years, when kit clubs grow, they loose a lot of charm that can only be produced in smaller quantities.

BUT!, kudos are due because I actually pulled out this kit within a day or two of it arriving and created. That in and of itself is a miracle any day of the year let alone so close to the holidays, and with a short amount of time with DH home.

So check it out. The owner deserves much thanks from me! I hope the vintage flair that is Kenner Road continues for a long time!

Can he possibly *BE* any cuter??!!!! I got a vintage version of him but if you have kids you MUST go to Elf on the Shelf and order one and the book. I'm just in love with this little guy.

Now for the goodies!
"24" is made of vintage gas station sign numbers! these were so fun!
Vintage player piano roll This was fun to use and I saved a TON off the roll to use for other projects! (I loved this because I recall playing one of them at the nursing home my mom worked at on weekends as an activites director. I used to go in with her when she worked on Saturdays occasionally and play with it in the dining room.)

Little deer these were cute Dennison labels in the add-on selection this month (boy I got some great finds in there! (It paid to set the kitchen timer to go off at 9pm!)I remember the vintage foil balls growing up but ours didn't have the great pinked edges on them. My Mom had a ceramic tree that these Birds fit into, I think she had light bulbs too. I also got some of the reflectors! I just got a Dept 56 tinsel wreath from Urban Outfitters last week and I think I am going to have to save my tin foil balls and reflecftors for it! they will be PERFECT!

November 14, 2008

Have yourself a merry little Wish-mas!

Head over to the Daisy Bucket Designs Blog for a chance to win the new Merry Wishes collection!

I just recieved it this week and it is WONDERFUL! My favorite sheet is the page of circles, Very Merry. I plan on making some of those ornaments I posted about the other day. ;)

November 12, 2008

German Stars

My Mom taught me how to make these for our Christmas Tree one year when I must have been around 10 or so. I remember dipping them in paraffin wax and sprinkling glitter on them...maybe that's were my long history of glitter hording came from!?

ohhh and more paper ornaments!

November 6, 2008

Captain Jack Mouse....arrrrrrghhh

I started making these little pompom animals a little over a year ago after seeing a similar creator on Martha Stewart. Some of you might recognize them as Steiff once made them as well. A couple friends Susan and Mandy are JD nuts and their POTC obsession sorta triggered this in my head. LOL! That and finding a LONG lost pirate kit from Fibers by the Yard tucked into a fabric drawer in my closet. There was tons of fun stuff in there! and come on... lets not forget the correlation between POTC and a certain black mouse. ;) Seeee, not how could I NOT make him??!!

As always I seem to start something thinking I will do "simple" LOL...instead it goes straight to the OTT category quick. my mind was racing faster then my hands could stitch his tiny little clothes. I have ideas for other themes now too that I can't wait to try!

Rob is heading to sea soon so I will have a couple weeks all to myself to craft! The list is longer than time I have if I plan to keep the house not looking like a tornado hit! I can't wait until we move so I'll have a bit more room to spread out! 800sq-ft isn't cutting it!

More close ups are shown in my Etsy shop. I've bought so much there (under another screen name) but this is a new username for me to go along with *MY* first listing there. I have to say that their listing process is so much easier than eBay's ever has been. WOW!

November 5, 2008

Haunted House

I constructed this out of black foam core board after seeing a similar acrylic album posted at 2P's by Camille McClelland. The foam core gives it alot of depth and it sits nicely on a shelf displaying pictures of past Halloweens.

*****All paper and stamps are Daisy Bucket Designs *****
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