June 22, 2009

Where the {Bucket} meets the Door...

...head on over to the *NEW* Shabby Green Door!

Their fresh new line "Farmer's Market" will leave you salivating! (I think Kristi just might be a Farm Chick! :D )

and how cute are these??!!!

June 16, 2009

This is pretty much how deployments make me feel some days!

I found this doll on etsy.com and just LOL when I saw it! (last week was a very BAD week!) If she wasn't $80 I'd buy her. :( honestly I think she might have been "put together" better than I was by saturday afternoon. All is well now though. I went shopping yesterday and found both clothes and shoes I needed. :D

June 13, 2009


Had a little visitor this week. My cousin and her baby came over and spent the entire day hanging out. Her little boy looks like he is getting ready to cut teeth so he was a totally drool machine and sticking everything in his mouth sleeve, fist, the dogs NOSE!! BLECH! (Good thing his momma isn't a germaphobe like me LOL) Auggie was really good but I think kinda nervous about the baby crying. (I really had no idea how he'd react since he's never been around a baby since he was a tiny little puppy! He's 8 now!) When Kyson would babble, Auggie would bark, and Kyson just thought it was hilarious and would go on babbling and laughing at Auggie. I'm pretty sure both would have been happy if we let Auggie get in the playpen at nap time LOL

Instead, I got this once Kyson left. dead dog. (and yep he's sportin' his summer "do" too ;) an entire garbage can full of hair came off of him. it's amazing that such a small dog can make such a big pile of hair!!)

June 7, 2009

Anyone read Post Secret this morning?

-----Email Message-----
I have faith in our generation because of you. Because if you and I are doing the same thing and have the same concerns and hope for more from our generation, then others do too. And that helps me sleep at night.

I love this Post Secret from this week. I feel the same way. I think I loved the response on there as much as the postcard itself.

(*Post Secret is a blog that shares artistic post cards printed with secrets or thoughts from people all over the world. it's updated every Sunday with new posts. there are also books that have collections of postcards in them)

June 6, 2009

More flowers!

we have some rose bushes along the backyard that are really needing some TLC. they've got it all. alphid, black spot, rust you name it. I've treated them twice already. I'm ust glad I'll get to see some roses out of them this year. they seem to be doing ok even with all the issues. I fertilized them well this year ;) I've got two mostly coming along. (I love this orange one! WOW!) one I still may lose (it had to be cut down to a twig basically) and another that is enourmous and looks like it may have white roses on it. (I can just brealy see it peeking through the bud.

I've also enjoyed the neighbors yard behind us. their backyard is like a little nature preserve LOL! the frogs LOVE IT including the little pond. there was this twiggy thing sticking up from the corner of the fence that DH and I thought was maybe a maple tree trying to come up around a huge evergreen bush. I was just out there a few days ago and realized we must not have been looking very carefully! it has the most beautiful raspberry pink roses on it. it's so diseased you can barely make out any leaves on it but it's over 7 feet tall!! I may have to go over there and talk to the owner and see if she even realizes it's hidden back there behind all the tall trees she has. this pictures doesn't do it justice at all. once it opens up you will see (there ar some I can barely see peeking through the fence. the blooms must be 6" across when it's fully open)

She also has this really nice tree along out back fence near our patio. I'm thinking dogwood?? if anyone knows for sure fill me in! I think I want one! (they are never in their backyard to ask!)

June 5, 2009

Terrariums are coming along!

after a second planting of Irish moss. (yeah I killed MOSS! in WASHINGTON! go figure! :P ) This second batch of moss came from my mom's garden, which originally came from my grandpa's garden. the jars have been outside under the patio umbrella for a couple weeks now so hopefully they are established enough to be inside. (it's growing like crazy!! yeah Mom I bought some Miracle Grow and used it :P ) you have to note the nasturtium growing out of the moss LOL! my mom has them growing along the sidewalk where I took the moss from.

everything is growing!!!

Rob busted his butt getting in these fruit trees before he left and LOOK at what is growing on them already!!!

The pluot tree- cross between a plum and an apricot, there are at least 3 varieties grafted on here. it's got a bit of shot leaf fungus that I tried treating this year already but was too late. It will get sprayed next year before it buds out. If I lose it though not a huge loss I got it for a steal at Fred Meyer's.

Johnathan apple-I'm going to train this along the back fence. I still haven't gotten around to it yet though :P

and here's a trivia question: anyone have any idea what this bush is?? it was really late to bud and the other one that isn't getting as much sun is barely budded out. no flowers (yet?) either. unless it does something spectacular is is going to get cut WAY back! it's taken over most of my southern facing flower bed. I'm amazed at how much bigger it has gotten just since it started getting leaves on it LOL

June 4, 2009


I have been waiting for this desk to cure for 6 weeks so I didn't scratch it. I just spilled water on it while putting my room together and LOOK at this>>>

and yeah I wiped the water up within like 1 minute or less. it was bubbled by the time I came back from the bathroom with a washcloth. :(

Robert, guess what you get to help me with when you get back. ;)

June 1, 2009

I was there!

here's one for the scrapbook! I was there!

Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child o' Mine (Tacoma, 1991.07.16

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