January 30, 2009

Sweet Sweet Baby...

For a little guy that was born just 6 1/2 hours past my Birthday. Good try Mommy! You said you'd give it a shot and you nearly made it! :)

January 27, 2009

Before I eat a Cupcake....

Let's all admire my friend Nancy Burke's lovely Vanna White work at the the Daisy Bucket CHA09 booth! LOL! She's posted a bunch of great shots of the booth on her blog Scraps & Ink Take a look! While you are there you have to read about her run in with Paris Hilton!!

January 25, 2009

more beads!

I've been in a beading kit club for several months now. I figured it was a cheap way to learn some basic beading techniques while making some as I go (it's under $10 shipped!). I was referred to this website BeadBuddies.net and have been really happy with the quality of the beads they send. All glass, or semi precious stones plus sterling silver or silver plated metals.

what's great it there is usually enough extras to make a pair of earrings at least. sometimes enough to do some modifications (like the beads dangling below the Howlite cube). On this one I added the small aqua colored beads from a large beading kit I have in my supplies, to add a bit more length to the necklace. I'm getting faster too. The last few kits I have done while watching the news. Usually takes me under and hour to finish them.

Here's my latest!

January 23, 2009

Wild Strawberries!

I found this wonderful etsy.com artist the other day. Through another etsy seller no less (I LOVE etsy artists! they are the best! I really can't imagine bothering to go to craft fairs anymore when I have thousands of artist's to choose from right on etsy!). She sent me over to Denise at deniseannette because I was looking for some wild strawberries to turn into a bracelet.

I've wanted to do lampwork beads for years (since Lynette Jennings did them on her show ages ago, remember her??). I never got around to learning. they have really cool kits for beginners now too so maybe one day ;) For now I am happy to let Denise make them.

So I contacted Denise, turns out she is a LOCAL artist too! YEAH! I love it when that happens. She really works fast (maybe she has some cute little gnomes working in her glass studio??) cause after I gave her my list of "wants" she came back and posted *THIS* for me in short order! I can't wait to see it IRL! Crossing my fingers it might even get here for my Bday on Tuesday. :)

Look out Denise, I feel the urge for a few more custom pieces soon! those dog bones have Auggie Dog written all over them!

All that Joann's Black Friday Flannel??

This is what I made with most of it! Tons of stuff for my cousin's little boy that will be arriving shortly! I realised I missed pictures of several of the things I made so I'll just post the shower pics. You can kinda see a few things in my aunt's arms too (like the doggie butt LOL) I missed getting a picture of the little wiener dog I made her to match. (I'll get one as soon as I go visit her though, he's so cute!)

I missed getting a shot of the package all tied up with the pacifiers, rattles, bows & tags (this is just a shot of the back of it!) Oh well! We haven't had a baby in the family in over 17 years, and friend's, well over a decade now. So, I have little experience with this stuff! :P

I also had sewn her a sleep sack. unfortunately I found out that patterns just are not that reliable! this thing could have fit a 4 year old!! so mad! it was cute too so I might try and take it apart and fix it for her to use this summer. I ended up sending Rob out to buy her one at the last minute. LOL he did good too!

Monster Madness!!

This new My Little Monsters line by Kristi has been a blast creating with. (I knew exactly which picture I wanted to make a copy of to work with too ;)

Those little monsters all over the pages inspired me to get out my felt and make some monsters of my own! Be sure to check out the stamps and rub-obs that match this line!

January 15, 2009

Daisy Bucket Designs *NEW* Little Black Dress

If you have bought {DBD} products and papers you know their base color tends to be a dark chocolate brown on most of their lines. So, I have been *BEGGING* for a fun basic black line and was so happy to see the LBD line!! it's fabulous!

Found this cute picture of my Mom dressed up. In a dress I'm sure my Grandmother had sewn for her. probably for a 1st day of school. So Best part of this LO is that I asked my Mom for a little info about the picture. I was thinking her help might shave some time off a title or journaling etc while I am trying to knock out a bunch of cha projects. I need to get more creative with my writing apparently to use all this info!! It'll go on there once I get it back but I'm sure few people at cha need to know these facts about my Mom LOL!

So 4 separate emails from Mom that went like this:

6:55 pm that is me alright looks like 2nd grade to me. that is in the house on Alice ave. mom made that dress i think. that is the grate for an oil floor furnace. that is where Sharon melted my 45 records so i only had half of a set. those were those cool yellow records i have. The doorway goes to the bedrooms and straight back is mine and Sharon's.

6:59 pm also that is what a home perm looked like back then YUK!!!!! That topknot on top of my head was mom's idea and i wore that until the
6th grade.

7:04 pm those hard wood floors shine like that because we waxed the once a month and then polished them with that old floor polisher i had at the old house. those are white high top shoes and buster brown socks like little babies used to wear.

and last but not least ;)

7:05 pm
cute knees, Huh?

January 14, 2009

In the Meadow and the thrift store! plus *New* Daisy Bucket Chipboard Banners!!

After being sick since the day after Christmas I finally ventured out of the house for a bit last weekend. I had to go to the thrift store in search of a frame to try making this cool framed branch art thing after I saw something like it in the Big-Ass Book of Crafts Rob got me for Christmas. Lots of cool paper crafts even if they weren't my style to begin with. ;) A little too "primitive" for me. These are both going in my bathroom as I am slowly switching over from the blue and yellow theme to a brown, aqua and meadowy green color. Daisy Bucket's In the Meadow line kinda inspired the change last summer and I am just getting around to making some new art for in there.

So the paper quilt is something I have been wanting to make in my pottery barn frame and I am glad I waited! Cassandra at Daisy Bucket Designs sent me these new HUMONGOUS 12"x 23" chipboard Bracket Banners and I had to use them for the frame!! they worked great! I cut one away in the middle and layered it over a 2nd one to make a framed piece. I built up the height of the frame with some foam core board (you can get it at most art & craft stores with the poster board). trimmed the edges with Daisy Bucket Ribbon Elements so you couldn't see the foam core and it finished it off very nicely! even was able to stamp the frame with their coordinating stamps!

For anyone that is making vinyl wall words with their digital cutters this chipboard banner elements are going to work great!! there are other patterns and sizes available too. (the pdf catalog show be up on their website this week)

oh and of course since I was wandering through the thrift store anyway I had to stop over and look for some vintage sheets. (I've been trying to find one I like for a full length apron + matching lining.) I LOVE the pattern on this one! so cute! I could totally see scrapbook paper with this pattern on it ;)
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