December 2, 2011

Happy early Christmas to me!

I love Pier 1! I used to love shopping there in the 90's and then we fell out of love for a bit. A friend of mine is always showing me her cool finds there on holiday clearance. another friend spotted this online around the same time, so I stopped in again last spring and found this chair and just had to have it for our bedroom.

then they came out with the Rhodes chest and I fell in love all over again. Until I choked on the price, and left it at my Pier 1 store. ($400!!) yikes!! I WILL figure out a way to replicate this look though!!

a few days ago I got the holiday catalog & email to find they now had a Frenchy Mannequin dress form. They must have someone working at Pier 1 that stalks me. LOL I have been wanting one for a year so I could bring out my ribbon stash from hiding in a closet in another room!

Rob and I had seen some dressforms on our favorite shows like American Pickers so he knew right away that meant he was taking a drive to pick this up. Don't feel bad for him having to run to the mall on a weeknight, through traffic, after working. ;) He came home beaming because all the ladies at Pier 1 were fawning over him for being such a sweet husband to come buy that for his wife for Xmas. I do love him so much he got a big hug the minute he came through the door with "her". She is magnificent! much taller than I was expecting for the price tag. (if you are thinking of getting one, call first! my store is a heavily trafficked location and only had ONE in stock. they had to send another lady there drooling over mine, to a different store across town.)

here's what she looks like now!


  1. She is beautiful. I, too, am looking for one.

  2. I want that chest and chair sooo badly because it fits my room PERFECTLY!!! Where can I get it for cheaper? I cant find any used ones on Ebay:(

  3. good luck with that! last I looked Pier 1 still had them but I was in the other day and either they are out or moved them. good news is you can purchase through their website. I have seen them in person a few times and did NOT think the truck was worth the price tag at ALL unfortunately. the chair and mannequin are well made though and I've been super happy with both.


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