October 23, 2010

Man in the Moon

This is the first time I've picked up sculpting in about... (omg the calculator doesn't lie! ...unfortunately LOL) 18 years! how is that possible??!! ugh.

well anyway so it's been a loooong time apparently but much of it came back to me quickly. ;)

I sculpted out of Creative Paperclay over a hand formed base. I love the shimmer of the paint on him too. (some old discontinued Lil' Davis Pearl paint) It's probably hard to tell from this picture but he's about 8-9" across. (about the size of a salad plate)

A friend is sending me her stash of paperclay to play with, so I may be doing more of these soon. :)

October 13, 2010

Toil & Trouble

I've been wanting to make these for a couple years and finally got around to it a couple nights ago (ahhh insomnia lol). The skulls I found at the dollar store. DH thought I was crazy buying more glittered skulls (we probably have a few dozen for Halloween props). I knew they would work perfect for these though. I always forget to buy dowels unfortunately. For these I used the bottom edge of a plastic tubular coat hanger! (an "ah-ha!" sorta moment ;) ) I just cut it with a large pair of wire cutters and filed the ends smooth (great way to recycle a few if you've switch to the new velvet flocked hangers ;) ) I covered each in fabric strips I twirled around and secured with hot glue.

I was inspired by the Skull Parade Batons made by The Holiday Queen. Her style is a bit more simple and folkart-ish. I wanted mine more colorful and bright so I used the DCWV Midnight spell. Love the foils and glitter on these papers. I think my favorite is the purple with tiny silver spiders! Or maybe the glittered hounds tooth?

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