February 6, 2012

Yours Truly Blog Hop

Anyone else behind in creating Valentine's Day decor and cards? I know I sure am but you still have time to place an order or stop by your LSS and pick up some new papers to inspire you! If you haven't had time to check out the Echo Park line Yours Truly, let me give you a little peek into the paper collection that was voted Number 1 by all of YOU!

There is sooo much more in this collection than just Valentine's Day themes though. Don't for one second think you will use it for just that alone! If you don't believe me just check out all the themes in this newsprint paper. ;) Go ahead, I'll wait....

Lots to chose from that is still lovely but not totally Valentine's Day related either huh? I went the obvious route of course but if you follow the blog links at the bottom of this post you will be in for some surprises as far as the variety of themes others have used theirs for. Christmas? yup! 

I have been thinking about creating one of these for a while. I saw something similar online ages ago. Of course it was before Pinterest so it's only saved in my head. LOL The Center of the rosette is made using an old photograph I found *JUST* for this purpose while shopping at a local thrift store with a friend. It is a very old (1873?) photo of a child dressed as a Cupid holding a bow. I thought it was just perfect. I'll be sharing that image in a moment! It is layered under a vintage glass clock face cover so it is convex and gives a little space for some embellishments under it. perfect right?

The rosette is made up of many layers attached from the back side and built up between layers of chipboard. this is a perfect use for cereal boxes as the print will not show. just make sure you cut it about 1/2" shy of the edge of your previous layer. Working from smallest to largest.

How cute are these little XOXO banners?

And last but not least the center of the rosette with the photograph! and as promised the printable image so you can have fun creating with this sweet little girl.

Looking for more ideas?
Check out these other blogs in the hop! And stay tuned for some late additions ;) 

Nancy Burke-Coming soon!
Denise Thorton-Coming soon!

If you are looking for yet even MORE inspiration. Echo Park has put together a digital eBook which you can download  as a pdf file. So many options for reading a PDF now.  read on your PC, Kindle, or even a Kindle App if you are lucky enough to have an Apple device*. :) 

(*My new iPad2 is patiently waiting in it's box for me to finish this post eeeeeek!! Happy Valentine's Day to me! Love my husband sooo much!) 

Have fun crafting!!
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