December 2, 2011

Tim Tags Day 2

So what did you all think of Tim's tag today? It went quick. I felt like it needed a little something "extra". I finished this early this morning but was waiting to add some extra touches to fit my style better. I ended up being happy with the final additions.


I accidentally got a bit of red distress ink on his nose while turning my stark white canvas into something a bit more natural. Of course that meant he needed to be a Rudolph! (Tip: rub antique linen on craft mat and then spritz it with water. lay canvas image face down to adsorb color and dry with heat gun.)

If you are wondering where the mini garlands are coming from, check out the christmas miniatures dept in your local craft or hobby store. there is all sorts of great tag embellishments there.

I made some additions to the snow on mine. the pearl mists just weren't enough sparkle & texture for me. I used Deco Art Snow-Tex and sprinkled with a little iridescent glitter. You can see it on the top of the tag, resting on top of the bottom border, and on the wreath and Star charm. This stuff works very good over distress inks. it is thick enough that I don't have *too* many issues with the ink/stain wicking up through the medium before it dries. I've had this bottle for probably 5-6 years. when it gets a little dry I just add water to it and the consistency is perfectly new again. I only dig this out about once a year too so not a lot to maintain it's consistency.

I also used Liquid Applique in white to make little flow "flakes" falling from the sky. Another item I have had for years and stays in good usable condition year to year. You want to use teenie tiny flea sized specks of this stuff though on your tag. I discovered you really don't need to let it air dry either. you can just hit it with a heat gun immediately and get these nice little balls of snowflakes.

Yesterday while I was cutting my banner out of old music paper I noticed a cool logo in the bottom corner and decided to save it for something. Do you do that too?? I have tons of little random bits of paper I can't part with. I think about tossing them all and starting over and then I find something like this.

I think the book must have been something like approved songs for barber shop quartets from the harp and barber pole icons. it fit the North Pole & Christmas Carol theme on this tag just perfectly if I do say so. I live for little details like this! :) (I think that charm is a very old Lil' Davis pebble charm if you are wondering)


  1. Love your tag-especially the snow and sparkles you added!

  2. Wow, I am blown away by your rendition of Tim's tag!! Gorgeous!!

  3. Wow I like your style. I too love all the little details in this tag!

  4. Luv that you made him Rudolph! Your tags are beautiful. and yes, I have bits and pieces of paper and little stuff just waiting for the perfect project to use them. And seriously, in the last year I've managed to use a lot of them. I put myself on a no buy until I use some of my many hidden supplies. Worked great! But I am looking forward to the ban being lifted in the New Year! (wink)


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