January 15, 2009

Daisy Bucket Designs *NEW* Little Black Dress

If you have bought {DBD} products and papers you know their base color tends to be a dark chocolate brown on most of their lines. So, I have been *BEGGING* for a fun basic black line and was so happy to see the LBD line!! it's fabulous!

Found this cute picture of my Mom dressed up. In a dress I'm sure my Grandmother had sewn for her. probably for a 1st day of school. So Best part of this LO is that I asked my Mom for a little info about the picture. I was thinking her help might shave some time off a title or journaling etc while I am trying to knock out a bunch of cha projects. I need to get more creative with my writing apparently to use all this info!! It'll go on there once I get it back but I'm sure few people at cha need to know these facts about my Mom LOL!

So 4 separate emails from Mom that went like this:

6:55 pm that is me alright looks like 2nd grade to me. that is in the house on Alice ave. mom made that dress i think. that is the grate for an oil floor furnace. that is where Sharon melted my 45 records so i only had half of a set. those were those cool yellow records i have. The doorway goes to the bedrooms and straight back is mine and Sharon's.

6:59 pm also that is what a home perm looked like back then YUK!!!!! That topknot on top of my head was mom's idea and i wore that until the
6th grade.

7:04 pm those hard wood floors shine like that because we waxed the once a month and then polished them with that old floor polisher i had at the old house. those are white high top shoes and buster brown socks like little babies used to wear.

and last but not least ;)

7:05 pm
cute knees, Huh?

1 comment:

  1. ok that layout is the most beautiful and your mom is just the cutest little thing, but that journaling is priceless!!! I hope you made a pocket for it. Your mom is too great.

    Love Little black dress and circle with the image on it is really nice


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