January 14, 2009

In the Meadow and the thrift store! plus *New* Daisy Bucket Chipboard Banners!!

After being sick since the day after Christmas I finally ventured out of the house for a bit last weekend. I had to go to the thrift store in search of a frame to try making this cool framed branch art thing after I saw something like it in the Big-Ass Book of Crafts Rob got me for Christmas. Lots of cool paper crafts even if they weren't my style to begin with. ;) A little too "primitive" for me. These are both going in my bathroom as I am slowly switching over from the blue and yellow theme to a brown, aqua and meadowy green color. Daisy Bucket's In the Meadow line kinda inspired the change last summer and I am just getting around to making some new art for in there.

So the paper quilt is something I have been wanting to make in my pottery barn frame and I am glad I waited! Cassandra at Daisy Bucket Designs sent me these new HUMONGOUS 12"x 23" chipboard Bracket Banners and I had to use them for the frame!! they worked great! I cut one away in the middle and layered it over a 2nd one to make a framed piece. I built up the height of the frame with some foam core board (you can get it at most art & craft stores with the poster board). trimmed the edges with Daisy Bucket Ribbon Elements so you couldn't see the foam core and it finished it off very nicely! even was able to stamp the frame with their coordinating stamps!

For anyone that is making vinyl wall words with their digital cutters this chipboard banner elements are going to work great!! there are other patterns and sizes available too. (the pdf catalog show be up on their website this week)

oh and of course since I was wandering through the thrift store anyway I had to stop over and look for some vintage sheets. (I've been trying to find one I like for a full length apron + matching lining.) I LOVE the pattern on this one! so cute! I could totally see scrapbook paper with this pattern on it ;)


  1. oh wow! I love the new papers but that brackety chipboard thing is my fave!!! I want one for my bathroom. You did a fantastic job with the sparkly painting and stamping too.

  2. Heidi, the banner came out awesome. Love how you made a frame with the second one layered on top. Perfect home decor item.

  3. Ooooo...I LOVE your patchwork banner! So, so pretty!


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