January 23, 2009

Wild Strawberries!

I found this wonderful etsy.com artist the other day. Through another etsy seller no less (I LOVE etsy artists! they are the best! I really can't imagine bothering to go to craft fairs anymore when I have thousands of artist's to choose from right on etsy!). She sent me over to Denise at deniseannette because I was looking for some wild strawberries to turn into a bracelet.

I've wanted to do lampwork beads for years (since Lynette Jennings did them on her show ages ago, remember her??). I never got around to learning. they have really cool kits for beginners now too so maybe one day ;) For now I am happy to let Denise make them.

So I contacted Denise, turns out she is a LOCAL artist too! YEAH! I love it when that happens. She really works fast (maybe she has some cute little gnomes working in her glass studio??) cause after I gave her my list of "wants" she came back and posted *THIS* for me in short order! I can't wait to see it IRL! Crossing my fingers it might even get here for my Bday on Tuesday. :)

Look out Denise, I feel the urge for a few more custom pieces soon! those dog bones have Auggie Dog written all over them!

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