January 25, 2009

more beads!

I've been in a beading kit club for several months now. I figured it was a cheap way to learn some basic beading techniques while making some as I go (it's under $10 shipped!). I was referred to this website BeadBuddies.net and have been really happy with the quality of the beads they send. All glass, or semi precious stones plus sterling silver or silver plated metals.

what's great it there is usually enough extras to make a pair of earrings at least. sometimes enough to do some modifications (like the beads dangling below the Howlite cube). On this one I added the small aqua colored beads from a large beading kit I have in my supplies, to add a bit more length to the necklace. I'm getting faster too. The last few kits I have done while watching the news. Usually takes me under and hour to finish them.

Here's my latest!

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