January 23, 2009

All that Joann's Black Friday Flannel??

This is what I made with most of it! Tons of stuff for my cousin's little boy that will be arriving shortly! I realised I missed pictures of several of the things I made so I'll just post the shower pics. You can kinda see a few things in my aunt's arms too (like the doggie butt LOL) I missed getting a picture of the little wiener dog I made her to match. (I'll get one as soon as I go visit her though, he's so cute!)

I missed getting a shot of the package all tied up with the pacifiers, rattles, bows & tags (this is just a shot of the back of it!) Oh well! We haven't had a baby in the family in over 17 years, and friend's, well over a decade now. So, I have little experience with this stuff! :P

I also had sewn her a sleep sack. unfortunately I found out that patterns just are not that reliable! this thing could have fit a 4 year old!! so mad! it was cute too so I might try and take it apart and fix it for her to use this summer. I ended up sending Rob out to buy her one at the last minute. LOL he did good too!


  1. Oh Heidi - you just amaze me with your talent! These are wonderful gifts.


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