December 21, 2008

Tag {day} 7

those garland beads were silver, I colored them with alcohol inks as I suspect Tim did as well. ;) they look great. I also realized this must be the same product that is used to color mercury glass. so I went and fixed one of mine that had a bad chip out of the color, and sure enough not only did it fill it in it made the rest of the paint around it flow.

oh and that snow stuff is wonderfully messy! it did however take about 80% of the ink off my fingers LOL sort of a crafter's pumice if you will.

Can someone tell me the trick to getting nice big crackles like tim's has?? I'm using his crackle paint and applied it with the bottle's brush in a THICK coat. I keep getting fine cracks.

Tim's tag

1 comment:

  1. oh sorry, but your snowman is just way cuter and your snow looks better too. I do like his snowflakes but your tag is wonderful. LMAO about the crafters pumice! thats great.


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