December 10, 2008

New Santa Ornament

Rob and I took this trip back during the Autumn leaf festival in Sept to Leavenworth, Wa. So pretty there, I didn't want to leave! I had not been since high school with my German club and there has been so much expansion since then. I think next year we will be staying for a few days. I'd love to go again at christmas time but the town in nestled in the Cascade mountains and is quite a drive in all that snow. Plus there is a section of that highway that nearly gave me a heart attack driving (you really feel like you are driving on the edge of a mountain, you can't see the bottom of the valley either) I remember going down the mountain at night in one of those big tour buses and sliding all over the road, and seeing cars all over in ditches or accidents. I was white knuckling it just driving in Sept on BARE roads! LOL

This town is highlighted in a Travel Channel special called The Most Christmasy Places in America So beautiful there at Christmas time, and so much to do and see. Lots of fun shops. We found Kris Kringl and had to pick up a Christopher Radko exclusive ornament. He looks so cute on our tree. I like getting a new but unique mercury glass Santa every year for our tree and the reflector belly on him sure fit the bill!

These guys were just wandering around in at the edge of town. I'm taking these without zooming from the main highway (Steven's Pass) through town. They were munching away and I had to call to them and they'd raise their heads up and look around so I could take the pictures.


  1. oh my! I love your santa, he is so beautiful and he has the perfect face. Totally love the photos and the one of the ornaments just looks like candy! I want to go there so bad - what a beautiful place.

  2. Your work is GORGEOUS Heidi! Thanks so much for visiting my blog.

    I could live in that Kris Kringle store - It looks fabulous!!!

  3. Beautiful place!! I don't think I would ever leave that Christmas store.


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