December 23, 2008

Oh Slanket!

Just wanted to share a picture of Auggie enjoying the sleeve of Rob's slanket after being out in the snow. it took us about 20 minutes to defrost the snow off his tummy and paws last night after he went out to pee. Poor puppy!

Dh has talked me into opening his Slanket, (He didn't think he was getting one cause every time they came on QVC I said, I should just make you one after xmas LOL) his Sansa Fuze MP3 player, and a nutcracker just in the last 24 hours!! (If you were thinking of ordering a Slanket, GET ONE! they are so nice!! thick and over-sized so you really have enough blanket for a large man.)

He does this every year! ...and he makes me open stuff too LOL! oh wait there was another ornament he opened as well. Plus he's a peeker and package squeezer! I'm sure he's already figured out half his gifts! The dog is no better. He's already found his giant stuffed monkey. apparently all stuffed animals under the tree give off an "odor" that alerts dogs to their presence! and presents! ;) He's not getting it yet! "grandma" sent him a stuff Santa though that he already got to open. My husband is rubbing off on the dog!

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