December 8, 2008

3 Christmas Mice

These little guys are this years ornaments. Hopefully none of my family looks here before Christmas! Just wanted to share these before I forgot tho. the little top hats I scored on clearance last year (they were ridiculously priced so I waited until they were 75% off!) they are Cannon Falls of Midwest products. (they already had the velvet holly, berries and Christmas tags on them!) All the little mice came out with different expressions/faces on them. these are just the three I picked to keep out of the ones I am giving away.


  1. omgosh! This is the most adorable ornament and the 3 mice are precious! I have made ornaments for years but nothing this wonderful.

  2. What a lucky family! do a new handmade ornament EVERY year!? WOW!

  3. I'm trying Madeline! this is only year 2 though! LOL


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