December 10, 2009

Tag 9 - My favorite!

Tim's tag


This is a picture of me screaming on Santa's lap. It is the only picture I have of me on Santa's lap so I am going to guess it either traumatized me or my Mother! LOL Maybe Both! My Mom tells me my grandma made my Mom go through with it even though I was pitching a fit. I (obviously) don't remember all this but I am glad she got this picture.

OH! and I didn't have the filmstrip stuff actually. I just made my own with a free digital frame thingy I had. printed it on transparency and then inked a bit using alcohol inks on a Q-Tip! so easy!

Now you may all covet my vintage woodgrain DYMO tape hehehe! No 1970's holiday is complete without a little woodgrain right??!

1 comment:

  1. oh this is just freaking awesome!!! The photo is priceless and the whole tag is perfect.


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