December 3, 2009

Day 3- tag 1

Tim's tags

the thing I am learning that the hardest part about this is really figuring out what to use if you don't have the right supplies! :P I found that Epson Premium gloss photo paper was the best of the 3 I had on hand. you have to use more ink and blending solution but it worked out. the downside was that I couldn't blend out the alcohol inks.

the santa sorta have a vintage mercury glass look to it which I LOVE. I added Silver alcohol ink to my felt pad and stippled it (since I could fad out the inks with the solution on my photo paper). I actually like this better than the sample. HOWEVER, the silver then wiped right off the surface so out came the Krylon Matte finish preserve it spray which not only took care of the silver wiping off it also gave some softness and texture to the flannel! I think it is exactly what it needed actually. I didn't think this would be even a contender for favorite but the flannel is actually growing on me a bit. I also realized that the black alcohol ink looked too harsh and went with a combo of stonewashed and stream for contrast.

No stipple stamp so I used a stipple brush and white paint for the edges. also figured out that the pink cropodile set to the cone setter is a good subsitute for that distressing hammer!



  1. Gosh....Tim's got nothing on you. This is gorgeous!

  2. Oh this is perfect! Your plaid is wonderful and I love that candycane string with the natural jewt.

  3. Oooooh!!!! This is even better than Tim's! Love this! Your plaid is fantastic!


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