December 10, 2009

Tag 10

Tim's tag


Instead of putting the ink directly on the foil with the pens I used a pen ONLY as a you would an H2O brush. a light wash of black to the background just to give it a slight pewter look and then dabbed black lightly over the surface like you'd see on a vintage mercury glass ornament. do this with the alcohol inks so that if you use too much you can erase it with blending solution.

tops of letters got a snow effect of Frosted Lace stickles and iridescent "buffalo" type snow.

I like mine *much* better than Tim's LOL! actually I almost skipped this tag but promised myself to do all 12 this year. there were a few nights I wanted to throw in the towel too! Now, I'm sad there are only two left!


  1. Awesome tags! Do you just have all this stuff on hand? Or are you runnin' to the store everyday? :)
    Love them!

  2. LOL I was good till about day 5 I think...then the shopping went a little nuts. I've been to 3 craft stores so far.

  3. Your tags look great. Are you going to do the last 2??

    I loved doing his tags. Learned quite a few new techniques.


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