December 10, 2009

Tag 8

Tim's tag

the day before he posted this I was at the craft store with those keys in my hand...and put them down! don't you HATE THAT? ugh! two trips to the craft store so far. And I would just like to say more stores need to remember to carry the black alcohol ink! they all carry the collections and I don't think pitch black even COMES in a collection. does it??

I had to improv on the key a bit with a cute charm and some alcohol inks. the hitching post thingy I didn't have either so mine is a pony bead and a full sized brad painted with a Krylon Leafing pen (have I mentioned how much I LOVE these pens??!!!) Every year I say I am going to remember to buy some of the "right" bells and forget :P I am not going back to the craft store!!


  1. I love your key and perfect knob solution. The lamp post looks beautiful. Great job

  2. all your tags are soo awesome!!



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