June 13, 2009


Had a little visitor this week. My cousin and her baby came over and spent the entire day hanging out. Her little boy looks like he is getting ready to cut teeth so he was a totally drool machine and sticking everything in his mouth sleeve, fist, the dogs NOSE!! BLECH! (Good thing his momma isn't a germaphobe like me LOL) Auggie was really good but I think kinda nervous about the baby crying. (I really had no idea how he'd react since he's never been around a baby since he was a tiny little puppy! He's 8 now!) When Kyson would babble, Auggie would bark, and Kyson just thought it was hilarious and would go on babbling and laughing at Auggie. I'm pretty sure both would have been happy if we let Auggie get in the playpen at nap time LOL

Instead, I got this once Kyson left. dead dog. (and yep he's sportin' his summer "do" too ;) an entire garbage can full of hair came off of him. it's amazing that such a small dog can make such a big pile of hair!!)

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