June 6, 2009

More flowers!

we have some rose bushes along the backyard that are really needing some TLC. they've got it all. alphid, black spot, rust you name it. I've treated them twice already. I'm ust glad I'll get to see some roses out of them this year. they seem to be doing ok even with all the issues. I fertilized them well this year ;) I've got two mostly coming along. (I love this orange one! WOW!) one I still may lose (it had to be cut down to a twig basically) and another that is enourmous and looks like it may have white roses on it. (I can just brealy see it peeking through the bud.

I've also enjoyed the neighbors yard behind us. their backyard is like a little nature preserve LOL! the frogs LOVE IT including the little pond. there was this twiggy thing sticking up from the corner of the fence that DH and I thought was maybe a maple tree trying to come up around a huge evergreen bush. I was just out there a few days ago and realized we must not have been looking very carefully! it has the most beautiful raspberry pink roses on it. it's so diseased you can barely make out any leaves on it but it's over 7 feet tall!! I may have to go over there and talk to the owner and see if she even realizes it's hidden back there behind all the tall trees she has. this pictures doesn't do it justice at all. once it opens up you will see (there ar some I can barely see peeking through the fence. the blooms must be 6" across when it's fully open)

She also has this really nice tree along out back fence near our patio. I'm thinking dogwood?? if anyone knows for sure fill me in! I think I want one! (they are never in their backyard to ask!)

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