June 5, 2009

everything is growing!!!

Rob busted his butt getting in these fruit trees before he left and LOOK at what is growing on them already!!!

The pluot tree- cross between a plum and an apricot, there are at least 3 varieties grafted on here. it's got a bit of shot leaf fungus that I tried treating this year already but was too late. It will get sprayed next year before it buds out. If I lose it though not a huge loss I got it for a steal at Fred Meyer's.

Johnathan apple-I'm going to train this along the back fence. I still haven't gotten around to it yet though :P

and here's a trivia question: anyone have any idea what this bush is?? it was really late to bud and the other one that isn't getting as much sun is barely budded out. no flowers (yet?) either. unless it does something spectacular is is going to get cut WAY back! it's taken over most of my southern facing flower bed. I'm amazed at how much bigger it has gotten just since it started getting leaves on it LOL

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