June 30, 2010

Hip, Hip, Hooray

A quick Cricut card made using the Hello Kitty Greeting Cartridge and layered sentiment from the Sweet Treats Cartridge.

I love how thick and substantial the layered CS feels on these cards. I was afraid they wouldn't feel as nice as the cards I make without the Cricut but I was wrong. Once I understood the construction of these I realized the front cover (including the inside backing) was 4 layers. if you look at it you may only think there are 3 layers though right? well the whiskers on the hinge side are "missing" on the card base so you actually cut a second layer of shadow image and adhere it to the front, thus replacing the missing whiskers. It was a little tricky to figure out at first.


  1. ok this is just too adorable!!! My birthday is in Nov. LOL! I understand what you mean about the weight but they are very thick. I didn't realize they had shaped cards like this in that cart.

  2. Heidi this is too cute! I think I need to make something similar for my dd, she loves hello kitty

  3. So sweet! I like the cuts on the inside too!

  4. Just love everything about it!


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