July 12, 2010

organizing scraps

Can't remember where I saw this idea. Might have been from someone on the Papertrey Ink DT??

Anyway, I LOVE this system. It makes putting multiple colors on my cutting mat a breeze. I can just grab something and throw it on the Cricut mat. I'm contemplating putting my pattern papers in there too. I usually keep my scraps with the paper line they came from. I've noticed myself reaching for this basket a lot though and am thinking I'd use up the patterned paper scraps faster too.

(I saw the baskets at Micheal's and Lowe's Hardware if you are looking for something similar. This size required the manila folders to be trimmed slightly I just held one up to the side of the basket and marked a few reference points and trimmed till I got one that worked.)


  1. I love this idea and your basket is just so cute! I think this would really help me with my color challenges. Really you could just use this and do a stripey page for the challenges.

  2. Great suggestion! Right now I have mine mixed in on of the Iris storage boxes, but this looks like a better idea.

  3. Great organisational idea, that looks so easy to maintain, thanks for sharing the tip

  4. Cool organization.
    I keep mine in hanging legal sized folders, colour coded to the papers.
    The bad thing is the metal hooks keep getting snagging on my clothes.
    So I like that you have them in the folders without the hooks.

  5. Heidi:

    Where did you buy the tabs?


    1. You can find the punch through stamping up! :)


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