November 6, 2008

Captain Jack Mouse....arrrrrrghhh

I started making these little pompom animals a little over a year ago after seeing a similar creator on Martha Stewart. Some of you might recognize them as Steiff once made them as well. A couple friends Susan and Mandy are JD nuts and their POTC obsession sorta triggered this in my head. LOL! That and finding a LONG lost pirate kit from Fibers by the Yard tucked into a fabric drawer in my closet. There was tons of fun stuff in there! and come on... lets not forget the correlation between POTC and a certain black mouse. ;) Seeee, not how could I NOT make him??!!

As always I seem to start something thinking I will do "simple" LOL...instead it goes straight to the OTT category quick. my mind was racing faster then my hands could stitch his tiny little clothes. I have ideas for other themes now too that I can't wait to try!

Rob is heading to sea soon so I will have a couple weeks all to myself to craft! The list is longer than time I have if I plan to keep the house not looking like a tornado hit! I can't wait until we move so I'll have a bit more room to spread out! 800sq-ft isn't cutting it!

More close ups are shown in my Etsy shop. I've bought so much there (under another screen name) but this is a new username for me to go along with *MY* first listing there. I have to say that their listing process is so much easier than eBay's ever has been. WOW!


  1. There are no words! WOW! This is the most adorable thing ever. I could stare at him all day. The gold teeth are priceless and I love all of the beautiful booty! You are amazing!

  2. ADORABLE!!! You have to have a lot of patience to create something so detailed!

  3. over the top and yet it looks good. Fantastic little creation there!

  4. fantastic! I love all the details and glitz--it wouldn't work at all unless it were OTT!


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