September 1, 2008

Finally found a pattern!

Wish me luck! I just bought my first pattern. I'm not new to sewing, but like crochet I can't read a pattern. I just make my own as I go along. this should be interesting LOL! I've wanted one for a while like this. they are nearly impossible to find and when I do the chest is never big enough.

I have alot of memories of my Great Grandma Sylvester wearing a vintage apron like this when she'd visit for holidays from Sequim. She seems to have kept several at my grandparent's house and was always wearing them when she'd take a break from cooking to come sit on the couch and sing my sister and I a song. A song I have NEVER been able to find online and is so odd because we sang it in elementary school as well. Something about Poor babes lost in the woods, laying down to die, and being covered in strawberry leaves. Horrifying isn't it? Sounds like the thing nightmares are made of. But, her lovely southern accent was enough to make me ask her to sing each time she visited.

I will be making my own from this beautiful pattern I found. I'm hoping this will save me a few shirts a week in laundry! If I get stuck though I am calling my (other) grandma Clarice! She's the seamstress in the family and she's offered to sew anything I want as long as I cut the pattern out myself. Some day I hope to be that good...maybe even inherit that Viking she has ;)


  1. Oh, pretty!! I love that pattern. I've gotten 3 cute aprons at home that I bought and they don't fit right either. GOOD LUCK! I got my first pattern in the mail last week, now I'm just waiting on the fabric. Check out Heather Bailey's fabric...OMGOSH, so pretty.

  2. Hi there. I found your blog from 2peas and LOVE your aprons. I too am a little plus size and would love to make an apron like this and the one above. Where did you get the patterns?


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