August 31, 2008


Dh and I went to Michael's last night and picked up a few cheap Halloween things. (Yeah he actually LIKES going there because of the Halloween ailse that goes up in August LOL!) I got a great ceramic skull that looks amazing (for $2.99!!) even just lit up with the little flameless candles we have. I got a 6" length of "faux" anchor chain for $3.99 too., and a great feathered BUZZARD! the best part was I used the 40% off my entire purchase coupon and got a sweet deal on some scrap supplies for halloween.

I saw the best floral arrangement when I was there too. it had a foam skull (yeah I bought one of those too LOL) busting through the front of a fake pumpkin. on the sides of the face were these sticky "blood" gels that I guess are probably a type of window cling?? the top was then carved out and a fall floral arrangement was put in the top w/ a BEWARE! sign added in there. If I have time, I am doing one! They also have cool white pumpkins this year I will have to go back for. We have two bins of orange ones so I need some more variety ;)

Yep it's not even September and I am dreaming about getting out my fall decor!

Here's another one I found online that I might do for the porch if I can get a sweet deal on the pumpkins ;) I just stacked some last year (or maybe it was the year before??) and tucked leaves in there but I like the planters they used for these to create more of a topiary.

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