September 17, 2008

Topiary or snowman??

Rob is teasing me saying this looks like a snowman! Only someone that grew up in Upstate NY and has seen SNOW on Halloween would make that connection LOL! Still needs floral and to be "spookified"!

I also started ANOTHER apron pattern because the one I posted about earlier is taking FOREVER to arrive. I had to call the other day and find out why I had not gotten it yet TWO WEEKS after I paid for it. seems it was just sent out on Saturday too so I still have a while to wait!

So in the mean time I downloaded a pattern I had seen on the new Leisure Arts banner at 2P's. I got the cutest fabric for this too. (Ok actually enough to make 2 aprons LOL).
This chick modeling it is SKINNY! No way in hell is that gonna fit me LOL, so I think I can "plus size" it pretty easily & that makes me very happy! it will actually fit my entire lap! I may make one reversible with pockets for my scraproom. ;)


  1. Ok that topiary is too cute....but it does have a snowman vibe. Is it real pumpkins? I think I need to make one.


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