August 3, 2010

This Is Why I Scrapbook

I love this!

There are a million little things I will forget a long my way and one day I will open a page in *My Scrapbook* and remember it all over again. I may share this with friends or family along my journey but they are my memories and this is how I choose to keep them.

I occasionally hear of a scrapbooker like myself who doesn't have children and may never. We are sometimes asked "what is the point, who will you give your scrapbook to?", (sometimes we are even the ones asking ourselves that question). I know what the point is...and while I may not know who I will leave mine to I am just reminded of the Victorian scrapbook I found in an antique store. That scrapbook was nothing as intricate as my scrapbook yet they sell for over $100 fairly often. *I* wanted that scrapbook and I didn't have a clue who that person was. Call it curiosity.

It's likely the same reason I have not been able to force myself to rip apart that ledger I bought a few months back. It tells a story of a husband and wife who were farmers. They sold milk from their cows. They went to baseball games, movies and even noted the purchase of a special dress for a certain occasion. It tells about their hardships and pain. Divorce, finding new love, and the people that were with them along the way. Again, I didn't know these people but I found it fascinating.


  1. You are so right! Wow... many good things to think upon, afterall everyone, no matter who they are or what they do... everyone has their own story!

  2. Wow...I'd never be able to rip apart such a ledger either. And like Andrea said, everyone has a story.

  3. This is beautiful and very inspiring. I enjoyed every moment of it.

  4. yeah, lovely... but you forgot the most important reason - because its fun! and you get to buy paper!!! LOL! mine will probably go in the trash, but I don't care, its fun.


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