August 13, 2010

Pink Paislee Warehouse Sale

It's not easy to find Pink Paislee products locally. Sometimes there are products you just have to see in person to appreciate. I have to say that since I got some of the artisan elements flourishes a few months back I have become a fan! So when I saw the warehouse sale I jumped on it. (it's still going on until the 17th! so hurry!)

here are the fronts of all the 12x12's I got

I also got a couple sheets of the newest releases. the house of three has some clear glazing on it so when you ink/mist etc over it you will have a nice white contrast to the design. Very versatile line.

I was also impressed to see two canvas albums in the box, each have several thick chipboard pages in a binder album so you could add more pages if you like. Also Pixie stix! (which I forgot all about as I was making the kits below! :P)

...and I wouldn't have probably bought these online cause I would have never seen all the cool images on them. some are lined, some aren't, some have patterns and swirls, others have mini quotes. (still leaving room for journaling though.) there were 3 pkgs of these.

I decided to put a few kits together with all the products I got and will store it this way until I use it the first time. The papers are shown with the sides *I* would most likely use but if you scroll up you can see the opposite sides of most of them. (like the Postcards clip sheet for instance. I'm known to cut stuff out from the back side of a LO where matting layers hide the holes, and use it for the front :) )

Christmas (I'd probably use the gold Pixie stix in here ;) )

Halloween *the glitter chipboard letters are a lot like AC Thickers which I know most people LOVE.

Mostly 360 products with a few extras

Mostly Bayberry (plus Sugar Plum Pixie Stix)

I only have 6 random items and one of those were just white letters which could go anywhere! out of the entire box there was maybe 3-4 things I wouldn't really reach for right away.

that's it! totally worth it IMO. a medium flat rate box PACKED with products. the only repeats I got were a few sheets of the twilight and the iron-ons (which I already have a plan for! to decorate some pillow covers for Oct.)


  1. WOW! I am soooo jealous, especially of the halloween goodies. We have to keep our eyes open for the next one

  2. I thought about getting a box but then didn't! Looks like you got a lot of great product though! Enjoy!


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