April 14, 2010

Corsage for Mom

My Mom called me last Friday with some good news. After about 15 years she and her significant other are getting married! They will also be sharing our Anniversary with us each year since they will be married next Monday! :)

So Mom asked me to make her a corsage. I thought she meant a real flower corsage but NOPE! She wanted one she could keep. I am a crafty girl but I have NEVER made one. I'd only ever made tissue paper flowers LOL! Thank You MARTHA for that episode at least! ;)

Here's what I came up with. Mom's wearing a silvery gray colored blouse and black pants so I thought a pop of color would be nice. I hope she likes it!

Each flower is made-up of individual petals I cut using the stacked circle die for my sizzix. Then the petals were heated over a candle, since they were synthetic fabric the heat made them "cup". I then wired each petal and using floral tape attached them in layers starting with the buttons and bead stamen centers. Hopefully it all holds together ;)


  1. wow - I am very impressed. I think the centers are perfect and I like the varied colors. I would much rather have this on than real ones for comfort and because its a keepsake. Start thinking about what you are going to make for her to put this on after the wedding! Do you have BG Kioshi?

  2. Wow..very pretty, you did an awesome job!!! She will love it, and NO...don't order a backup!! :)

  3. This is absolutely lovely! No backup needed. You just kicked orchid-butt.

  4. Ohh this is beautiful. She will love it I am sure.
    Congrats to your mom.

  5. IT's lovely! So, so pretty! Congrat to your mom!

  6. very, very beautiful. Congrats to your mom and her fiance. Make sure you post pics of the bride and groom for us! Found your blog through 2peas after seeing one of your layouts in the gallery. xoxo


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