April 19, 2010

A Casual Affair

Today is mine and DH's 14th anniversary as well as the day my Mom and her S/O got married. ;)

Mom, Bill and their efficient.

What wedding is complete without a little family drama?? LOL I won't get into that and will have to deal with it later. ;) But while I was in the shower my Mom called and asked my DH if we could have their ceremony at our house in the backyard. In an hour. (the plans fell through with the other arrangements at another family member's house.)

You have never seen two people clean house so fast. The backyard was in disarray because we are in the middle of pressure washing and I haven't even started planting yet. we didn't even have the patio furniture out!! oh and it was HOT and muggy as H.E.L.L. today! So there will be no pictures of me LOL! After running around sweating for about 45 minutes cleaning, I saw the pictures and realised my hair products had not "held up" LOL!! I was happy to do it and would have offered sooner had I had the chance, so it was fine. Just very frantic for a bit LOL My Dh on the other hand looks just as cute as he always does. sighhhh why can't I just wear a hat too?

Ended up being a great casual ceremony. The groom wore a running suit and the joke was it was so he could make a fast get away "just in case"! My Mom wore the corsage I made her and LOVED it! YEAH! (*oh and Suz I did find a cute package to put it in. a clear take out container with moss in the bottom and a purple ribbon/tag. Mom will enjoy that cause it will be safe from the cats and she can still see it. looks like a terrarium sorta, IMO)

Had a wonderful dinner at The Cabbage Patch restaurant in Snohomish. The food was delicious! Mom and I split the BEST pie ever! it was a fluffy pineapple and walnut mouse with what tasted like cream cheese mixed in. OMG I WANT THIS RECIPE!! The waiter could have been friendlier though honestly but I tend to prefer extra friendly wait people in general. ;) They have wonderful reviews though and won Best of Western Wa 2008 for catering. We will probably be going again soon. My mom had clams and lingini and it was so yummy! (I got a couple bites ;) ) loaded with clams!! Oh, I forgot my camera and didn't get any pictures! I'm kicking myself cause after my Mom left I noticed the lilacs in bloom and it would have been the perfect place to take a picture of her with her corsage. :P Sorry Mom!


  1. Oh how nice! Congrats to all of you and what a nice way to spend your anniversary as well. Love the running suit, that's very cute.

  2. Holy smokes, I can't imagine how frantic that hour would have been before the ceremony. Love the running suit, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE casual weddings.


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