February 22, 2011

Lamp Shades with Echo Park

I recently got to play with some Echo Park Be Mine collection. It matched my scrapbook room perfectly so I knew what I needed to create with it. ;)

If you have a little chandelier it is so easy to swap out these clip on shades for holidays or seasons. I found my shade bases at Lowe's for under $5 each. you can easily make your own template by laying the lampshade on a large piece of kraft paper (like a paper grocery bag). start with the seam down and mark the edges of the shade on the paper as you roll the shade across the paper (it will make a big arc). cut out the template leaving 1/4" on each side to allow for enough paper to fold under the shade and hide the edges of the paper. don't worry if it is not perfect. ;) you can always cover it with ribbon or ruffles and hide all of your hot glue mistakes! Decorate with bows, sticker elements or flowers.

In the example above I used Echo Park's Be Mine collection.

Try using a collection like Summer Days for a birthday party!

Or Springtime for Easter.


  1. Your tiny lamp shades are so cute.
    How fun :)

    Thank you for the tip on the adhesive remover.

  2. I love your idea, I love what you've done. That was terribly cute, the whole thing looks very much attractive.

  3. I love the Eco Park Be Mine lamp shades. I cannot find the shade bases at Lowes's you were referring to. I have a small chandelier and would love to decorate it similarly. Ideas on finding these clip on shade bases?


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