March 19, 2010

eeeeek!! I can FIX my dies!!

Ok so you probably all have a sizzix die you wished the inner cutting shape would just disappear! you know the flowers with the holes in the centers and here is a good example. a perfectly good heart messed up by turning it into a frame :P booooo!

I have always wished I could change this and it's only taken me what 6 years?? LOL

So here is how it works

Take a die you hate, but want to *LOVE*. like this one!

Flip it over and make sure it has the holes in it on the back (I don't have my newer style original dies with the full back covering so I'm not sure if this will work on those, but once I get mine back I will be updating! UPDATE: Scroll down to the bottom of this post for the link to the newer dies) using a pair of needlenose pliers push the steel rule die out the opposite side. BE CAREFUL OF THE BLADES ON THE FRONT SIDE!!! they are sharp and you will cut yourself if you don't take precautions. Try a dishcloth or a hot pad to protect your hand.

Once it is out it will look like this

Use the pliers again and push the middle part of the die out.

Put the outer die shape back into carrier. you can do this best by pushing on the plastic rim portion of the dies frame. try not to touch the blade or chip it with the pliers. I've pulled back the foam so you can see where the plastic rim is I am talking about.

The funny part about this is that the die actually cuts BETTER now than it did before. I'd be careful about chipboard getting stuck. I haven't tried that yet. if it does you can just pop the die apart like you did when you were disassembling it in a worse case scenario. the paper I tried didn't get stuck and I was actually able to cut 8 sheets and I probably could have done more.

Now I have to go look for more dies I can "fix"! Please share if you get any cool results while reassembling them. :)

ADDED: 3/20 there is a discussion about this going on here at Two Peas in a Bucket check out what others have said about taking apart their dies. Edited: You can also learn about altering the wood dies on THIS post.

I see there are others joining in on the fun from other message boards. :) if you discover any great tips *please* share, or post a link in the comments section. THANKS!


  1. thank goodness for pictures I wouldn't have known what you were talking about. Girl, you are a genius!! Ok, off to turn over all my old dies, lol. So cool.

  2. HOW COOL!!! Thanks! I have that same heart and I am totally taking it apart.

  3. Thank you, thank you! When I read about this on your 2Peas post, this heart die was the first thing that came to mind. My second die is that big daisy with the weird perforated circle in the middle. Ugh.

  4. Great tutorial -- I never would've come up with that idea! But, I do have that flower with the stupid hole in it! Thanks!

  5. I don't have a Sizzix but wanted to say that I think this is sooo cool - how clever of you to figure this out and share your idea. I great way to update your tools and make them work like you want.

  6. you are a genious! i have tons of dies and NEVER ever thought about taking them apart!!!! Oh and thanks for the pics! without that 'visual' instructions are useless for me! LOL!

  7. well count me in on the people that never heard of this before, thanks for sharing

  8. well that is just awesome...def. have a few i will try this out on! like that heart!!

  9. I very much like your suggestion. I have many of the original dies and will give this a try. Thank you!

  10. thank you for sharing this, I shared it with my friends too.


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