July 29, 2009

Pretty Baby

My cousin's baby Kyson came over for his 6 month pictures. Too hot to do much more than one sitting at a time this week. (I'm sitting here and it's already 99 degrees at only 2pm. by 4 we should all be melted here in Washington LOL!) We have plans for some more pictures next to a cradle his grandma (my aunt) made for me when I was little. and another set of pictures out at the lake on the dock. we'll get to that when it isn't hotter than the face of the sun though ;) Here's my favorite.

Also, I got this really cute one of him and Auggie though that I love. Those two just love each other. Auggie and Kyson get in a back and forth. the baby laughing, Auggie "woofing" and jumping around. it's hilarious. Auggie is going in for a kiss here and the baby was cracking up.

1 comment:

  1. Oh Heidi those pics are DARLING!!
    BTW I left you something on my blog :o)


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