March 24, 2009

a perfect cup of tea!

I got the pink of course ;)

I got this at Christmas and keep forgetting to share my neat little find. I have been drinking tea much more often now that I have this. I mostly drink loose leaf teas from Dr Tea's so steeping can sometimes get messy with a ball infuser. I love this Hues & Brews mug because the lid works perfect for keeping it hot when steeping but then it has a nice deep rim inside so you can flip it over and save the strainer aside for a second steeping. we just got a Keurig for Rob's morning coffee fix. I now have hot water on tap from his Keurig, but it also goes in the micro and heats nicely. the mug doesn't overheat compared to the water temp either like some mugs do. it's a nice generous 12oz sized cup of tea.

anyway, I love it so much I thought I'd share. if you can get one I can't imagine not being happy with it. it is perfectly designed IMO. if you already have a cup you love they do make a universal infuser as well.

it has a really nice thick metal basket, not mesh wire screening so you don't have to worry about it getting bent up, or the screens coming apart. they really thought of everything. there is a thumb lift for the strainer too so you don't scald yourself on hot tea or metal.

1 comment:

  1. ok I totally have to locate one of these and look at it IRL. I much prefer a bowl shaped mug - no, let me say, GIANT bowl shaped mug because thats what I have used for years, but Savvy broke it so I am looking.


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